Thursday, September 22, 2016

New projects/updates.

Hey guys.
Just an update.
I am recently following with some stuff on my channel, in Portuguese. It mainly deals with more stuff about relationships, thoughts and ideas on suicide and about life, somewhat Mgtow-related, etc.

There´s another channel that I created in which I keep music related videos. My sad attempts at trying to do some music covers. It´s not flashy or top notch but it has a lot of effort, and heart. It is mainly being used to sing romantic songs, but I (try to) sing other styles too. 

Anyway. While I decide to continue living or not. Those are my latest projects online.

Hope things are alright with you, dear fellow readers.
Take care.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey man,

      Thanks for calling me by this name. It´s been a while.

      Mgtow means Men Going Their Own Way - it´s a "movement" of men that are aware of the position we are in regards to women in societies´hierarchies, etc, this, increasing diminishing value we have as men (you know, in general our value is diminishing). It´s a lot to explain here, but you can look some videos up on youtube, and there is plenty of material to look up.

      How have you been?



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