Wednesday, June 8, 2016


These are the people that, throughout these years have made it all possible, and more than that, enjoyable. The people who made me a tad happy that I was a sad mofo. 

Special shot out goes to Karl, Josep and Srikant, the first people who commented here, and regularly followed it, since its inception. 

I may have forgotten somebody (I think I actually have) and if so, please let me know.

Without further ado, these are them (you):

bored stupid
David Rickerby
Doctor M
E.M. Mouse
Leaving Society
Michael Hoffman
Mr. Mean-Spirited
Plague Doctor
Willard Herman

I felt truly connected with them, but I also of note and worth a shot out are:

Alpha Omega
Ann Sterzinger
Dima Sokol
Lady Datu

Sister Y
The End Of Money As We Know It

And from the section 'Praise for the blog':

A. Blake
D. Spurlock
G. Temple 
Still Learning

And several, several Anonymous from every post and comment, who told me their life stories, shared and commented and helped making this a huge fountain of information and knowledge. 

These people, you, made me feel alive, and part of something, like never before. Some of them (you!), disappeared, and after two or three months of the blog I never heard again. Some took their time, and reappeared a year or two, or three down the road to let me (us) know they were still alive and kicking. Fine people. Fine friends. Like I´ve never had before in my life. Not for this long a time anyway.

Your every word was my fuel, that kept me going when things were hard. 

I´d do it all over again. And it´s been a wild ride.

Most of them probably felt that their work here was done.  

As do I today. 

I will not die, not now anyways, but I feel like my work here is done. For a while this blog will remain untouched. I wish I could have done so much more, though. But there you go. Regret. A part of life, as always, it seems. I wish I could have helped more, as well. Failed that part, and I´m sorry.

Cheers to all of you. Many cheers.

Have a beer to celebrate. Or tea, or water. And don´t forget that we were all a part of something, if only for a while. And what something it was!


  1. Rafael, Everything and everyone passes away, my mother yesterday and now your blog. I know it's a very easy attitude to post in these "posthumous" circumstances, but I'm very grateful to you for including me, the most silent poster that ever visited your blog, in your list. In spite of my infrequent comments, a crippling apathy being the first and foremost cause, I want you to know that I found extremely enlightening each and every one of your meditations, ramblings and painful confessions. How Raúl would say: take care, my friend. Big hugs.

    1. Always will remember your friendship. The book you sent me in the beginning of this blog is still here with me.

      Sorry for your loss.

      Take care as well, my friend.

  2. Rafa, thanks for the acknowledgement, my friend. It's been a great ride. Please do not delete the blog; it should stay frozen in cyberspace for future weary travelers to find a place they can shelter in and know they were not the only ones to experience life in a certain way.

    Josep, sorry for your loss. Stay safe.

  3. Hello Mr. Shadow,

    This is Still Learning, thank you for generously including me in your thoughtful and very moving acknowledgements. You recently left a comment on my now defunct blog. I was simply trying to emulate you, since I consider you a dear mentor and friend, the best friend anyone could ask for. The truth is no one can say what needs to be said with the clarity, meaningfulness, and sincerity that you have said over the past several years on your blog.

    I have kept up with your blog, for your blog has been my intellectual sustenance for the past several years. Your words of wisdom have sustained me through life. I am deeply saddened that you might no longer continue this blog. Nevertheless, I am sincerely grateful for all of the wonderful memories. I will never forget you Mr. Shadow, thank you for all that you have done for humanity, however unreceptive the world may have been to your intelligence and character.

    1. SL,

      I wish I could have been more present to you, my brother.

      Thank you kindly for these words. I´ll do whatever I can to live up to them.

      Keep in touch, if you want. My e-mail is

      Be well. Stay safe.

  4. Thanks, Karl! The same to you

  5. Good bye, Rafael, and see you on your new blog. Do post its address.

  6. Rafael,the Meteorist,
    I hope you keep the other blog going as you did with The Last Page. Take care of yoursel in Ceará.

    1. You are a man of few and beautiful words Raul. Thanks for this

  7. Rafael,
    I hope you keep as well. Excellent quotes.Raul

  8. Rafa, thanks for mentioning me. I was a latecomer to your blog. You have touched us all through your writing. Your humanity and kindness and emotions were on display for all of us and we were able to connect with your rawness and honesty. You made us all feel less alone. I hope to see you blogging again, even if it's of photos of some of Brazils natural beauty! (that's really a request!) Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself.

    1. Michael,

      All these words mean a lot to me. Will never forget them.

      And I´ll to see what I can do in regards to Brazil´s natural beauty.

      I am glad I could get in touch with awesome individuals, such as yourself, through this blog.

      You take care as well, my friend.

  9. thanks and shit, im andrew vidler on the facebook bullshit. black glasses on. good luck.

  10. Thank you & don't delete anything. I felt comfort reading all those AN-blogs a few years ago, and I hope other people will too.

  11. I'm still alive and kickin', Raf, old buddy. I've since gotten a new outlook on ultimate destiny in the afterlife. But... I'll always and forever be an antinatalist. Much love <3

    1. Please do share this new outlook man, as I need everything I got in order to not kill myself these days.

      Many cheers!

    2. Will need your email address, please.

    3. Hey man, I thought we already exchanged several e-mails? You told me about your trips, even sent a pic.

      Alright here it goes.

    4. I know... I'm sorry dude. Something catastrophic happened to my contacts folder a while back. All fixed up now!

  12. Thank you for the acknowledgement. I still am an antinatalist, but there has not been much activity on the blogs recently so there was not that much anymore for me to follow. I really enjoyed communicating with you and the others as well. I hope you and everyone else are doing okay.

    1. Hello Stacy.

      You are welcome. Yeah, things have been slow these days.

      I hope you are doing ok as well. Do you use Facebook?


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