Monday, May 2, 2016

It's alright

Hey guys,

Sorry for the sobby post of yesterday.

I´ll post the friendship post number 2 shortly.



  1. Rafa, just hang in there. Only time can heal. Cliche, sure, but in my experience true. Strong, painful memories, dull over time, and what seems relevant and important now, fades to obscurity.

    If you need to feel the pain, feel it, wallow in it, allow yourself self pity, don't fight the fight for the sake of fighting.

    But make sure you treat yourself with the greatest compassion. Watch an hour or so of cartoons, laugh, make your favorite beverage, coffee tea beer whatever. Watch a sunset, dance, write a screenplay, whatever activity it's it's, just be nice to yourself!

    Take care!

    1. I don´t know what to say other than thank you a lot. This was great

  2. Rafael,
    From what I read you have been going through a hard time. I can only say that I wish you well there in Ceará. Raúl

    1. Things have been rough.

      Thanks bud.


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