Saturday, May 14, 2016

Book download and some thoughts on support of the community, etc.


Ok, let´s talk about money for a while. 

Oh boy. Here we go again. (This is mostly not directed to my English speaking readers, though, and only about the book. What book? Read on:)

Yeah, so I just found out that there´s a version of my book about antinatalism in Portuguese, that people are downloading from the internet. 

This made me rethink about the whole support of the community issue that I talked about once or twice, here.

I thought of working full time on with this blog and other related ones, but I had over the years little financial support to make it a full professional thing in my life. 

The friendship and other factors that I got from this blog are invaluable. But finacially speaking it hasn´t brought much money to me. I don´t get money from Google, nor from ads, that are almost inexistent, with the exception of the ad from Mister Mean-Spirited´s blog, on the right (his website is very good, though very acid, go check it out!)

After some time I decided to even take out the donation button, and only brought it back with the idea that maybe somebody could do it, but what the hell. I decided to continue the blog as my own thing, almost a personal journal on the web. 

I thought people could, theoretically, like the content and decide to help me financially a little bit, as I dont have a regular job, and I don´t have a regular income, property or etc, I thought this could be done like the Patreon does for other content developers. 

Two things about this. If people like the content, couldn´t they theoretically help the creator with it? And another thing. I see young kids making money with shitty youtube channels, through Patreon and ads. I thought maybe I could give it a shot. It would be good, because I like this blog and I like writing what I write here (for the most part). 

And it really makes me think it is unfair when comparing with the average annoying shitty youtuber, when the content here (at least) used to be full of philosophical and intimate discussions, that I thought resonated with folks,

But, you know. A little mea culpa. I know that my blog is not very professional, in the sense that I post whenever I want, and etc, and people don´t like that very much, it also is very simple, no fancy gimmicks etc. Plus I understand that when people reach this blog, they are, probably, like I said, in a very bad place in their lives as well, so they wouldn´t probably have a lot of resources to be prone to donate to the first person that ask them, whoever this is. Plus, you know, you may not like the blog, thinking it is badly written, etc.

I get that. I get all of that. 

So I just chilled with it. Really. If you want to donate, as a thank you, it´s fine, if not, it´s also fine.

But then I became aware that my book (A última filosofia) is now being downloaded and shared freely on the web. 

Alright. I don´t want to be a pain, but I´m not exactly a wealthy person. I don´t live on the streets because I live with the folks, as anyone who follows my blog knows. But I don´t have regular money or anything. 

I´m writing this here so I can illustrate that I gain absolutely nothing (in regards of money - other than two donations and the only ad I have on the right) writing this blog. If you think that whenever someone visits me I get some money, you are wrong. I receive almost no money from this (exception is the ad revenue from Mr Mean Spirited and two one time donations).

And now, on top of that, the thing that I wrote to sell is being downloaded and shared freely (mostly by Portuguese speaking people naturally). 

I know the internet has a culture of "free" everything. Free music, free movies, free radio, free everything. And I don´t want to be the one to tell you to stop that, because the internet is its own thing now and nobody can stop it. 

But, speaking of movies, it´s one thing to download things from huge studios, that have the know-how and the means to get money from people anyways, with merchandise, toys, ads, and whatnot. 

And another thing is downloading something from a guy who lives in the basement of their parent's house (I don´t live on a basement nor a house, but you get the point). 

Another thing altogether is if you like the guy, and/or like the content he creates. 

If you like the content someone creates, why not help the person if the person needs? Isn´t it strange as balls that you like someone and download the means of that person receiving some small amount of money? 

I honestly thought the community in general couldn´t that, but lo and behold. 

I already receive almost nothing with the books. And now with people downloading it, it will probably become nothing.

If anyone downloads Benatar´s book (I didn´t, I bought a hardcover), for example, at least he is a professor in a University with a steady and regular job. But it doesn´t make much sense to like Benatar´s idea, and just download his book, specially in a niche philosophy as this is. We buy the book to have it, and it also to show support, to the man, and to the idea that is dear to us. 

I don´t get this at all. I mean, if I was rich, or at least if I had money to fully provide for myself, a house, a car, pay medical bills, etc. I wouldn´t mind at all people downloading my stuff. Really. 

But as I sit here, on a house that isn´t mine, 32+ years old, with no steady income, as I receive almost zero from this blog, and now aware that people are sharing the book, it kinda almost seem that the community doesn´t give a crap to the very people that help the community, which is kinda insane, and perhaps it is a trait of this community.

And if the money that would be generated from the book wouldn´t make a difference, fine. But it does. I needed it.  

Look, I get it. As a community people here don´t like to do anything 'by the books'. But what it would be like if religions did the same. Christianism for example. For all the ideas of giving up wordly life and all that, they have done a lot to themselves. They built churches communities.

If you say "yeah, this is cool, but this is how we roll, we don´t need to help anyone on our very community", then the community just dies out, reaching nobody else. 

Is that the goal here?

And if you don´t like the book, for example: why download it? And if you do like it, why not support me by buying the thing? You can´t? Oh. Alright then. (But I can´t shake the feeling that most people can, though.)

It seems the community, as a whole, does not give a crap, which kinda sucks, but which is fine, in the end. It would, however be VERY, VERY FINE, if I didn´t need any financial resources. 

But anyways. 

/Rant over

(I like the people here, and this is not to guilty trip anyone, it´s just a reflection. Cheers buds)


  1. "then the community just dies out, reaching nobody else.
    Is that the goal here?"

    In my humble opinion, antinatalism is a very individual philosophy/idea, i believe that life doesn't suck generally, for many people life is actually pretty good.

    How do you live without a regular job, how do you pay your rent, bills and buy food?

    1. "In my humble opinion, antinatalism is a very individual philosophy/idea, i believe that life doesn't suck generally, for many people life is actually pretty good."

      Yeah, but whether it is individual or not, the community still exists. Or is there not a set of people who are AN´s?

      But yeah, I agree with you. AN is individual. I´ll talk more about this in a following post.

      "How do you live without a regular job, how do you pay your rent, bills and buy food?"

      I live with my folks, I said in the posts. Plus I don´t have a regular job but I have work. I´m freelancing right now. It´s not enough to live alone though.


    2. A human has has to have at least one of the follwing traits to qualify for having children:

      smart/intelligent,rich for whatever reason, good looks.

      If you have none of these traits and still make children, you act careless and condone misery for your descendants.
      Thats not mean your children will live and die in bale and misery but you are definitely taking big risk.

      I am lacking point 1 and 3, so i will not make children, only exception would be a miracle like winning in the lottery or otherwise getting rich.

      Even that i live in a relatively rich country in europe (germany), competition in job market is very high and payment is not good when you are not a university graduate.

      Payment is high in relation to other countries but cost of living (especially rent) is also high, so it evens out.

  2. Rafael,
    An excellent post. Take care in Ceará. Raúl

  3. You know that pessimism does not sell well, it demotivates people. Аnd a mistake you made, I think, was to sell books without DRМ.

    But anyway, I think you could make money teaching Portuguese in the Internet. I know some people doing that with their respective native languages and it would be quite easy to replicate their success, I think.

    1. Yeah, true that (re:pessimism).

      I need a methodology to teach it, but it´s a good idea. Let me see how that goes. Thanks man


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