Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Again with Star Wars The Force Awakens - The third raid

I sense some bullshit in the Force.
Once again, I´m going to talk about this large fantasy movie.

So, after talking about this movie a bit on this post, and in this one, I went to see it. And oh, boy. How was I right.

So, not only in the trailers is the character Rey - the female character - is showing fighting side by side, but in the movie she is the ultimate badass. 

The movie is so blatant feminist and in-your-face that it is kinda annoying. 

First of all, our lady friend here is so corageous and brave. She not only fights side by side with the characters. In the movie she is seen fending off the attack of thiefs with her staff - and when the male character Finn goes to help her, she already took care of them, and he remains there, as kinda humorous moment, in which he realizes he was kinda stupid to assume she needed help. 


Second of all, she is oh, so intelligent. She is a pilot, even though she is also an scavenger on a god-forsaken planet in the middle of the desert, where she has to trade electronic parts of old ships for food. 

But this doesn't stop her knowing a lot of languages, like communicating with a robot (droids, they call it in SW), and with Chewbacca, even though she is clearly a freaking scavenger living in the middle of a desert. 

She knows her way about computers. Do you know of any people who live in deserts scavenging parts of broken vehicles that can fly a motherfucking airplane? Or talk two or three or four languages? From different creatures? 

Oh, bullshit. It´s a movie. Yeah, but the male characters can´t all do this. Finn, the male protagonist, is helpless when it comes to flying a spaceship. And also when it comes to fixing mechanical things. Also, he can´t understand nobody who isn´t talking perfect english. So there´s that.

She is strong. She can take care of herself. In the first moments knowing Finn, she tells him several times: "Don´t take my hand", or "I can run without holding hands", when the male tries to exert his oppression by trying to take care of her. When the male character falls on the ground, and then asks if she is alright, she pauses for a moment as if pondering if he is stupid, and tells him that "yeah", she´s fine, of course. Obviously. She can take care of herself. 

And she is ALSO a Jedi. Yeah. I thought they weren't going that way, but lo and behold. Of course, they did it. If the Jedis and whatnot are the pinnacle of power in that universe, of course the front girl will HAVE to also be one, on top of EVERYTHING else she is shown to do. 

I´m not talking this out of my ass.

In the movie she is clearly shown to be above the other characters in intelligence and wits. 

She.... motherfucking uses the powers of a Jedi (which she even isn´t yet - maybe) to mind trick others, and she wins a fucking lightsaber match against a skilled opponent, just because. 

There´s nothing she can´t do. Because she is a 21st century female protagonist in a mass media movie.

It is ludicrous.

Of course, you are not going to see this shown in the media, because normal media has already accepted this as the norm. And don´t even give me, "it´s just a movie" bullshit. Of course it is just a movie. But you must be very innocent if you think these mass media products are not geared towards a lot of reinforcement of the social and cultural order of a people, whatever that may be. 

Stories are reflections of the people in which they born, even worse when they are mass geared like this. You can learn about a people by learning their stories. 

Those are the values that are being put forth today. Women are the best. Women are strong. Independent. Intelligent. They are more capable than men. Even when men are trained, dedicated, and overall supposedly better than they are (in the case of lightsaber battle she won). 

If you are blind to this, you have absolutely no idea what´s going on in western society as we speak. 

More on this can be found here:

Disclaimer: my website is the only place where I display my beliefs, but sometimes other websites can talk about some subjects with more clarity than me. 



  1. Rafael,
    I hope you can can spend these days in tranquility. Take care there in Ceará. Raul

  2. If Rey happened to be a male and did all of the above, would you have a problem with that?

    1. Yeah. I don´t like over stuff, like Conan, or something like that. If something "screamed" "I´m male, and that´s why I´m better at this", and pounded itself on the chest while doing it, I´d probably think it was pretty ridiculous as well.


    2. But the problem is not to find intelligent, capable people on film, but feminist movies tend to have the subtext that women do this because of their femininity. That because of it they are more special, on all areas of life.

      Her character is the most capable character in the movie, and it´s greatly implied in the subtext that it is because she is a woman, that´s the message to little girls out there.

      She can do all the stuff men on the movie do, ONLY BETTER, and ALSO be a woman, (be feminine, protected, etc etc.).

      It´s ludicrous.

    3. I'm a strong and independent woman! Until, you know, where have all the good men gone (who would give me their money, and do a million things for me)?! :-D

      Let women fantasize. Strength and independence speak for themselves – they don't require proclamations. Anyone who is loud and proud about them is arrogant, insecure, and full of shit. Probably narcissistic, too.

      I haven't seen the movie yet, but it looks like Star Wars will never be anywhere near as good as the original three episodes. Three prequels for kindergarteners, and now one for self-proclaimed princesses… Let it die already.

    4. OK, cool. I get where you're coming from on this (and I'm female, for what it's worth). I don't agree with any movie which promotes a message that one is superior because one is male, or female, or from a particular race, say.

      Abilities speak for themselves in real life, of course. That's why we have different contests for men and women in sports. Plenty of men and women in real life really are intelligent, multi-talented, strong (physically, mentally and/or emotionally) and independent. But it would be stupid to say one has those abilities because of one's biological sex, or indeed to promote that kind of message in a movie.

      A restful and peaceful time of year to you.

    5. Rafael, I've seen the movie since then. I wasn't even annoyed by what you had described as a blatantly feminist movie. I don't know, maybe you helped to lower my expectations to the point where the movie just had a “meh” effect on me.

      As I see it, Rey is pretty much the female version of the cliché sci-fi/action hero doing all sorts of nonsense. Now, the CGI, the acting and the actions are better than in the prequels; the main thing I have against the movie is that it failed to give me a good basis to care about any of the numerous characters, or even the outcome of the fight between the opposing forces.

    6. Alright Zoid!

      It´s better than nothing, but after a while, you kinda see it´s a "meh" movie.

      We don´t care about many stuff in it.

      It´s fun because of the cinematography involved.


  3. And of course, the other main hero is a young black male. All the villains are White, needless to say.

    1. K,

      I wasnt even fully aware of that. Right on.

    2. Achtung Herr Karl! How do you explain your combined allegiance to the 14 words and this "antinatalism of yours? The fuhrer demands an answer. Heil Donitz!

    3. Giordano, you are a sad person. In all your years of trolling you've never once come up with a single decent argument against AN. Instead you try to smear us. And why don't you have the guts to comment on Mr Mean Spirited's blog?

    4. Mr. Mean Spirited is 14 years old, and very confused about what he wants from life, so I would appreciate it if you did not encourage him at this tender age. Maybe once he grows up and learns how arguments work, he'll make a fine antinatalist.

    5. You are right about this being largely pointless though. So au revoir, and good luck. And please don't encourage dear Timmy Meanspirited. He told me via e-mail that he sometimes still wets the bed if he doesn't but his plastic skull, Macarther, by his bedside to watch over him, and he's scared that nobody will like him if they knew.

      Good luck with the antinatalizing.

  4. Hey guys! You having fun linking the website of Roosh (Gay Marriage is a degenerate march to persecute heterosexuals Valizadeh? Because I, for one, am glad to see you have new non AN bloggers you like on the website of Roosh (Islamists understand that a woman can become feral if not constrained by a strong patriarch in the home. Valizadeh. It's always good to step outside your boundaries and find new voices you agree with, such as Roosh (The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture Valizadeh.

    1. Lol.

      Hey Giordano. I´ve said in the post that the ONLY place that contains my full beliefs is this blog. I do not agree fully with other websites/blogs/books/authors etc, unless it´s specifically pointed otherwise.


    2. This blogpost on a neo-nazi website, which is angry at a movie because it has women and minorities doing shit, is totally distinct and different from MY website which is angry at a movie that has women and minorities for doing shit! A+ thinker here ladies and germs.

    3. So my blog is neo-nazi one? Never knew that. Thanks for pointing out I guess.

    4. Giordano,

      I could block your comments, but I don´t. You know why?

      First of all, you are so wrong it´s funny.

      Second of all, I needed some action here. This blog doesn´t have nearly all the trolls it should have.

      All comments here are from genuinely interesting people, and I kinda miss all the fuss other websites experience sometimes.


    5. My blog is NOT a neo-nazi blog! Antinatalism is NOT a neo-nazi movement! Sure we support spousal abuse, holocaust denial, talk about the preservation of the white race, use the neo-nazi "cuckservative" meme, whine about women and blacks being portrayed positively in the media, and pray for death squads to purge the muslims from our lands, but we are NOT nazis! Now buy Jim Crawford's book from this Holocaust denial press!

      Sorry, dude, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and sieg heils like a duck, it's a nazi.

    6. Hello Giordano!

      "My blog is NOT a neo-nazi blog!"


      "Antinatalism is NOT a neo-nazi movement!"

      Pretty sure it isn´t.

      "Sure we support spousal abuse,"

      Who´s "we"? And when did I ever talk about this in this blog?

      "holocaust denial",

      Nope. Never talked about holocaust denial EVER.

      "talk about the preservation of the white race",

      What blog are you reading?

      "use the neo-nazi "cuckservative" meme"

      Don´t even know what are you talking about.

      "whine about women and blacks being portrayed positively in the media",

      Yeah, I don´t like feminism much, that´s my crime here?

      "and pray for death squads to purge the muslims from our lands",

      I never talked about this in this blog.

      Cheers bud.

    7. Please do not pretend ignorance of the publicly expressed opinions of the about 25 people in your movement of about 25 people.

      It's not a good look.

    8. Re: Smartass above: That's a nice fallacy you have there! Now how does it apply in this particular case? Always have to do the second step, fallacies are not magic spells.

    9. Are you implying I agree with EVERYTHING that is said in other websites? This is a rather stupid thing to do.

    10. People who detest the smell of lavender don't burn lavender-scented candles.

    11. Giordano, old pal, why would you spend your Christmas holiday engaging in pointless internet commotion and contention with such a miniscule subgroup as us 25 antinatalists? Don’t you have any loved ones with whom you can celebrate and have good cheer? But if your life is so friendless and forlorn that you have to seek attention online – well, then it kind or proves our point about the dreariness of existence, doesn’t it?

      (And by the way, all that stuff about “spousal abuse” and “death squads” comes from my own blog – not this one. And neither topic, by the way, has anything to do with antinatalism. I take responsibility for those posts. Next time, get your blogs straight.)

    12. Bye bye Giordano, see you in another 3 years, with some more trolling on this website.

  5. Hey Shadow.

    Maybe the reason your girlfriend left you is that you're a craven bully who laughs at spousal abuse

    1. Hey you again,

      No, she didn´t left me because of this. Good try, though.

    2. Suuuuure

      (It's totally why she left you, girls hate angry misogynists who search out neo-nazi blogs because they're angry about a movie)

    3. You are so way off it is fun as hell.

      My ex-gf still talks to me brother. We are still in touch even though not together anymore.

      Talk about fail. Better luck next time.

  6. Rafael,
    once more I wish you a calm 2016, take care there. RAUL

  7. Well, in my opinion Star Wars is some kind of super-hero movie and I usually try to avoid these. There is nothing more boring to me than a person capable of doing almost everything on its own. It is a sad excuse for a story, some kind of compensation for the lack of meaningful and authentic writing. Even in non-super-hero movies it is always laughable to me that you almost never encounter a person who doesn't only need 0,5sec to respond regardless of situation with an absolutely clear, logically and verbally flawless 10 sentence answer, except of course in action movies where even the nerds can only speak 3-word-sentences at most. The most depressive kind of role any actor will play is a person who sheds three tears and needs 5secs instead of 0,5secs to respond but is fully recovered by the third scene thereafter! Like he or she never watched the butcher slaughter all of his or her family. Well, ok, he or she might get very angry at you, if you should dare to bring up this very sensitive topic! But only if you are not careful enough! Give her a kiss! She is so lonely! Yes! Hmmmmm! Sorry, I got carried away there.

    T. (not logging in)

  8. I notice the boycott by negroes against oscars for lack of their representation. You are onto something here. Theres a dark skinned not to mention asian and every other race besides white celluloid tidal wave a'coming ! We humans are so progressive!


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