Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quarterlife Crisis - depression in young people

Funny thing. Ever since coming to the dating scene, all I hear about is depression. Yesterday, I was talking to this girl who had depression last year, when she was 23. 

Huh. Funny. My ex-girlfriend also had a huge depression, and she was 23. 

Oh. That girl also broke up with the boyfriend. Funny thing, it also happened to me, when my 23 year old depressed ex-girlfriend broke up with me!

Their examples are far from the only ones I have in my personal circle of relations. And I'm not even going in the circle of my dear pessimist friends. 

Maybe we have something here? 

I think it is all a reflection of this fucked up world. People get majorly depressed when their internal realities and expectations are slowly shattered in this god forsaken world. 

They expect(ed) something. For these girls, we can more or less try to guess what it was. Good life. Early marriage. Model husband and wives. No financial problems. Safety. Big cars in the garage. Green yard and a dog. Kids, a boy and a girl. Maybe more than that. Maybe less than that. But we get the idea. 

Then they face the reality of this world in shambles. And I think it is pretty safe to say now. The world is in shambles, at least a good part of it. 

They expected something. Both these girls were very enthusiastic, happy. And the depression came and hit them. 

Nobody is safe in this world, safe of having at least their expectations and realities broken from the inside. 

You think that people that knew somebody who died in that Paris attack will be the same after that? Never. They will never again watch a movie about a terrorist organization without flinching. Depression will hit several of them, really hard, after and with the physical problems. 

But you don't have to go through an explicit war to develop this. Normal life sure is enough to trigger this, on a lot of people. Because normal life nowadays sure is fucked up as well. 


  1. "People get majorly depressed when their internal realities and expectations are slowly shattered in this god forsaken world."

    "The human craving for justification on matters such as life and death cannot be satisfied, hence humanity has a need that nature cannot satisfy. The tragedy, following this theory, is that humans spend all their time trying not to be human. The human being, therefore, is a paradox."

    Peter Zapffe

  2. Normal life is already war on a daily basis Raúl

  3. Just wait until you guys and gals reach mid-life crisis! Assuming you make it there... (Just black humor, no insensitivity intended). I am 55 and I'm more miserable than ever. I wont go into details except to say I am currently dealing with elderly parents. The "Golden Years" idea about old age is so obscene.

    1. Talked to a 22 year old girl yesterday that said that she suffers because she has some zits. Lol. Just you wait, darling.

    2. I'm in my 40's, I remember growing up people referring to "middle aged" being 50's-60's. It wasn't until I got older that I realized just what a lie that was. 40 is middle aged, period. I guess people don't want to think too much about the fact that when their life is half over, they still have 25-30 years left to work.

    3. In the US, a teenager usually graduates from high school at age 18 – then goes to a university for another 4 years. So for nearly 22 years, a young adult has been supported by his parents (and sustained by government-guaranteed loans during college). After that, the system will spit-out the bastard into the real world – and the fellow gets to see how things really are. Once the youth appreciates that he is never going to get the great job his teaches promised, once the guy accepts that he isn’t going to get that new car and nice house that society promised, once the youngster comes to an awareness that he will never be loved as the media promised – well, no wonder the chap gets a little depressed.


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