Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brave new world? - The Google 'sitch'

Hello everyone. Many greetings to all. 

I have a lot of updates to post to you guys, but I find that this is, although not earth-shattering, a bit pressing, since it´s about this whole internet thing we are all about now. 

Don´t know if you took the time to notice that Google has changed his policies regarding the usage of his products. First time I entered the Chrome and got hit with that information I thought it was a minor thing (but hey, let´s all hope for the best) - but it seems that, to quote this website, Google is now pulling a Facebook, meaning they are all up and about using our information, pictures and all of that, to support ads and things like that.

I´m not the biggest expert at the moment on the subject. So please, if everyone knows better, please take the floor and explain a bit more to us all what our relation with this Ligottian corp will entail from now on.

It seems a tad ironic - and perhaps it is - that I´m using a blogging platform, plus e-mail account that is owned by that company, but at the same time, I can´t help to notice, with the conspiracy theorists on the net, our liberties being taken away piece by piece.

It put out a little vid (trying) to explain the new situation and rules.

The least I´ll do, is to take away all my pictures from my profile. That´s for sure. Hey google, f... you. But I don´t know. Is this some sort of overreaction? 

Many cheers to everyone.

Some links to read on the subject: this, this, and this


  1. reaction to video:
    ah yes, of course.
    it's all to make things easier for us....

  2. If only George Orwell could see the Digital Age!


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