Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why sex (still) rules the world.

(In many ways, this is a follow up to this post here).

Once upon a time there was this girl. She was an athlete. She was good in her sport, and even got into the Olympics. Not that I care, or even got her name because of that. You know. It´s not like there are lots of men who follow women´s competitions. Nothing against the ladies, I´m just being honest about it - not that I care either way, personally, because I`m not a sports fan in general, but till this far I´m adressing the perspective of the common man on the subject. 

So there was this girl, and I´m sure she was nice and all, but you know, just a regular girl, thousands of miles away, but she was an athlete, and even got to the Olympics. Not that, by this far, and only by those definitions, she would get "famous" or anything. The Olympics is an important even, but there are other women in the Olympics, so, no problem till here, all and all. 

Now, before I continue, let´s play a game. For the purpose of this post, I want you to now try and think about the names of 5 women from the Olympics that you know. Right now! Of course, I won´t know how many names you got and all, but do this for yourself, it´ll make sense in a minute. Got them? All 5? 10 more seconds to try... don´t look on Google.

What about now?

Done? If you are a normal male, you probably had a few difficulties with this exercise. The same goes for a female, I guess. If you are some sort of sports buff/fan, then you might have remembered 5 names from women of the Olympics, but even so, it might have been a little troubling. 

But I´m going on a limb and say that the majority of people who read this blog, either male or female didn´t remember five names of ladies who were at the Olympics.

And that´s fine.

The thing is, there was this girl. She was probably a nice girl, and she was at the Olympics. Which is fine, but she wouldn´t have gotten any more famous - the term will make sense in a second - for that. 

And suddenly, she did this

And now she is... Michelle Jenneke. 

Now she exists to the world. 

Because of her insinuating dancing. Because of the way she looks. She instantly got famous for moving her body a little. Yeah, no, not because she was running at the Olympics, like the other women around her, but because she danced a bit/warmed up before the race started. Now, because of that, people - males in this case - recognize her as awesome - and suddenly she made it big. Now, many males who were totally oblivious to her existence, even as she was running in the freaking Olympics, suddenly realize that she is cool. It´s that incredible a thing. Because of some moves. 

(And before anything, I know she´s a hurdler. But that involves running as well, and she also runs - or so I heard.)

Now, she is an artist, a model. All of sudden she has thousands of followers on Twitter. She appears in magazines, advertisements. Now, as long as the world is concerned, she is someone. She is Michelle Jenneke. 

I want to emphasize that this happened not because she was an awesome athlete, not because of her hurdling skills, or because she was a nice person, but because she shook her body. That´s the point I´m arguing here.

(Also, a disclaimer - I want to declare that I have nothing against her specifically. For the record, I even think she´s good looking. She seems a nice person and all. And I´m not saying she is not capable and smart. But look at what made her famous for freaking's sake! 

It just boggles my mind, how can one individual distance him/herself from the others just like that, just in the name of sex appeal alone. It proves - along with other cases - that sex is an enormous driving force, that actually does things in the world. It took her from anonimity to success just like that, bam!, she´s famous. It amazes me everytime I see it happen.


  1. Yes it really is all about sex appeal. One day Michelle will get old and lose her looks, then what? Then the world will move on to somebody else and forget her.

  2. Schopenhauer wrote quite eloquently and no holds barred on sex being the invisible central point of almost all human activity. Have you read that portion of his work, Shadow?

    1. Yeah, I did! I have some of his books around here. Not exactly books, but collections of essays, I´d say, and his "The world as will and idea". Good stuff, though a bit long!

  3. Shadow, as I've mentioned I follow South Indian Classical music, and many of us 'serious' listeners often talk about how the musicians become insanely famous for various kinds of gimmicks, and often more famous than really talented, hard-working musicians, etc. These gimmicks don't typically involve accentuating one's sexual features, thankfully, but still there you are.

    Indeed, in some cases we sometimes don't know whether to feel happy that a talented artiste / sportsperson got well-deserved fame -- or sad that they got it for the wrong reasons!

  4. The success stories of nearly everyone who got famous had something to do with sex, be it a sexual scene in a movie, a photo shoot, good looks or a combinations of all of the above. Sex sells which is why the industry will always thrive.

    Which just goes to show that anything boosts reputation as long as more people are exposed to your shenanigans.

    1. Exactly. Incredibly revolting when you stop to think about it.

  5. Yes, at the end of the day it's all about some guy being unable to control himself and firing his load into the tunnel of death. What a ghastly world!

  6. The media environment simply makes it worse, even if the urge was there from the beginning of our species. I actually argue the media is probably artificially inflating the sex drive, but that's another topic. In fact, paying too much need to the sex drive (whether due to internal urges or peer pressure from pop culture) will distract you from more productive and societally redeeming tasks.

    Still, even as an antinatalist, I see nothing [i]intrinsically[/i]wrong with sex, so long as it does not lead to the creation of another human being. Even speaking outside the AN perspective, I'll still also say "so long as it does not distract our attention and energies from truly important matters"

    1. Filras, I don´t mind anyone having sex either. It´s ok, as long as people realize it´s just this... sex. Problem, as always, rise with the the lies and dissimulation regarding it.


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