Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rant: about economy, globalization and zombies.

Today I was reading a bit, and found this article. On the first topic, there is this sentence:
No, people are not getting better. People are getting more scared. People are realizing that the system is broken. Maybe it was always a lie, but it used to be a lot easier to shake your head at failures and say, That could never be me. That guy with no house and no money ... he must be lazy or stupid. He must have embezzled or abused drugs. There must be a reason he has nothing. But more and more today, we see people with two degrees and no money. We see people who undertook student loan debt, leveraging their future for jobs that simply don't exist to pay off that debt. We see white-collar professionals nickel and dimed into blue-collar existences. There are good people who've lost their homes and self-respect. The world has gotten so hard for so many that we know it can happen to us.
Yes, it is happening. Some say faster, some say slower than expected, but it is happening indeed. Everything is beginning to fall apart. The system, that is. This stupid, idiotic system in which we live. 

But this is how many people thought it was about, right? I thought that those that didn´t succeed must have been doing something wrong. Why there are all these successful, smiling, happy people - or so I believed - that are shown in movies and television, while this one is a homeless person? He clearly must not be very bright. 

This opinion couldn´t be more wrong, of course. 

The fact is, this system is clearly flawed, as we all know. And it´s pretty easy to verify it, even if you are not a certified economist: I have thirty year colleagues and friends here that are still living with their parents, for sheer incapability of living alone. No, it´s not that they don´t want, they actually can´t afford living on their own for now. It´s impossible, the money - when it exists - ends very quickly. Of course, one could make a magic happen with this - by cutting costs to the maximum and so on -  but still it only shows that money is worth less and less each year. 

On the other hand we have rich people. God, I can´t stand them. When I see someone talking about some celebrity, some startlet, some new girl or boy that´s worth their weight in gold, I get very frustrated. I don´t hate them you know, personally, just what they represent to society, to other people, like myself. 

Sometimes is because it´s not even worth it, all the money they got. Some people become rich and/or famous for doing stupid, sometimes even despicable things. What´s worst than someone who became famous for being a porn star, for instance? Thousands and thousands of dollars for that person who just did what others do. Worst, did what others had the decency of keeping to themselves. This one example infuriates me beyond reason. On the other side, we have individuals who sometimes work themselves to death, and can barely, barely maintain themselves and their families (if they have families, better to take care of them once they are here). Even worse, poor people who won´t even handle the amount of money the porn star makes for one of her movies in their entire lifetime. 

Sometimes because it´s random. The person who becomes famous and is now at the possession of 2 boats, 3 mansions and 5 ferraris, does something completely ordinary, something anyone could be doing, really. But, by any strike of luck or fate, s/he is the one who was chosen, and now gets to rest on his success, like s/he is some sort of mighty god that can do stuff no other person is capable of. What it´s worst, is when people begin to idolize these, and reading about stuff that they do on sites (like these) and magazines, or even trading pictures on sites like these, like they do something out of the ordinary. To be fair, sometimes they have particular skills, but do these really value the enormous pool on their backyard? The five mansions? 


I´m not ranting against anyone in particular. I think the system is wrong and flawed. That I, for instance, deserve better. If you educated yourself, if you jumped through the hoops people asked you to, you should deserve better. I´m a 30 year old man, whose job´s I had were all soul-crushing  to the point I got no perspective in life, other than rely on some sort of success in a public concurrence to attain a position with the government, where I can at least retire myself by gaining the same amount of money I´ll work for. Other than that, I got nothing. I have a bachelor, two specializations in the field, and I got nothing. Almost incredible, if you consider the old way of thinking, specially when you factor in porn actresses becoming filthy rich (pun intended), and the random success of mediocre individuals turning millionaires overnight. And I´m not even talking about corruption, or robbery. I´m talking about legal, society sanctioned economic success of these type of people in particular (celebrities).

I never really gotten much into the "rich class", "middle class" and "the poor" until recently. I thought it was only poor rhetoric from old, stupid politicians trying to get the hands on their piece of the pie - trying to convince people he was 'fighting' on their side. But now, I believe in this classification. Even more, I believe the middle class is being screwed over with each passing day. The rich don´t care much, the poor also don´t (because if you live in a country which there are minimum standards, they can certainly find their way of living off the government better than those at the "middle class" - It´s even worked in the system that way.  It´s the elite´s way of creating more poor, dependent people) and the game continues. Here´s how the game works: they squeeze out the middle class, with taxes, and promises, and violence (granted, not direct violence) and those that fall on the poor class get to be like this from now on. The never ending fight is the one to try and endure at the middle. We are fighting endlessly on this stupid war, created and sustained by the "rich", while some of us (the more idiotic ones, granted) still idolize those that the rich choose to be amongst them as a promise that all can do it, all can become rich like them as well (hence, celebrities). There you go, one of most pervasive lies of the whole system. 

I hate it all. Hate it with an undying passion. 

One more thing from the same website: 
If Americans are less scared by the notions of bigger government and taxes providing safety nets against the abuses of capitalism, it's not because we care more about our neighbors. It's because we're scared for ourselves. These days, being taxed for social programs seems a lot more like purchasing an insurance policy for the day you draw the short straw in a rigged game. But that might look like human compassion, and I can see why my friend was confused. In any event, you'll know that the economy's actually getting better when everyday Americans start dumping on the poor again.
Just a small detour here. There´s another thing I don´t appreciate very muchin this paragraph (and I´ve always wanted to talk about this): the notion that all that is written in english is happening with "americans". Granted this was an american website, but everything that happens, when analyzed by an american (generalizing here) is about (north-)America (only). I´m very aware of the position the U.S.A plays on world politics and economy as a country. And I´m not ranting against anyone in particular, as I´ve said before, but this way of thinking gets tiring after a while. News flash, americans don´t live alone in the world. If only their media, their journalists woke up  to notice that everything that is happening is happening with everybody in the planet, it´d be great. I go to conspiracy websites every now and then (personally, I like to read them, but obviously do not believe in everything I do read) and even in those, when they are talking about conspiracies such as the Illuminati, that supposedly are a global oriented dominating force that works to achieve world domination, they talk only about its reflexes in America. It´s frustrating. "Oh, America is not the same, we are losing american freedoms because of the Illuminati" or "The elite is robbing us of our  rights, be an american citizen and..." - oh, grow up, would you? Everything that happens it´s only important if happens inside America´s boundaries: it´s an absurd idea, considering that everything is globalized now. In economic scale, everything is interconnected. You can see that, very clearly, if you pay enough attention to the news. The last major economic crises originated from the US in 2007/2008 has had its reflexes in Europe, and now for perfectly explained reasons is getting to my country. It´s a great machine, working in sync, if something fails, it can´t work. And since it´s flawed from the beginning... 

The other thing I didn´t like from this last paragraph, it´s the selfish notion that if the economy ever gets better, people will continue doing what they did in the past. Well, I can say that I agree with that, but I don´t like the idea, the hope, and the notion that, if anything ever gets better around my premises, this is ALL I care about - let´s keep doing what we did before, shall we? In other words, if the economy does get better, people will forget everything that the harsh times taught them, and stop being self absorbed, self-centered zombie like individuals, doing what they were doing until the end of times, reproducing and generally being disgusting animal beings fighting for land, sex and power, like Nature intended. 

We pessimists know better. 

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  1. The old way of thinking, that you only need to study and work hard, and everything will be all right, is showing to be more ridiculous day by day. I studied Economics and at the end I realized my knowledge was pretty much worthless. Economics is basically stupid capitalistic ideology dressed in mathematics, and that's why I decided that I'm not interested in working in something I hate. I don't care what people say, it's stupid to work for status and reputation. I can't be bothered to work in a soul crushing job if I'm not starving.

  2. Hello Shadow, another prescient post, thank you. My favorite analogy is the hampster running round and round on his wheel, getting nowhere fast.

    It's all so frustrating. Personally I feel like I am getting nowhere fast, exhausted with worry and anxiety.

    I believe you nailed the underlying cause in your prior posts, over-population. There are too many people competing for too few jobs.

    Hang in there, that's what I try to do, and keep plugging away. And lest you should feel we in the USA are oblivious and insular...http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-05/new-yorks-homelessness-worst-great-depression

    1. I´m not bashing at anyone, and I´m not against America or americans as a whole. Sometimes I just become frustrated seeing good posts and writings being twisted by the concern of things only being relative to the U.S, when they affect so much more, sometimes. But that´s it. I have nothing against the country in particular nor its citizens.

      Just wanted to make it clear!

      And yeah, overpopulation is a given. There´s just too many of us already, but for a while, this number is only going to increase. Oh, well..

    2. Shadow, clear as day. Muito claro!!

      Side note: Portuguese is a beautiful language, but one in which I find difficult to speak and even more difficult to write in. Your bi-lingual abilities are remarkable.

      Life is completely un-fair. Relative to one another, because we are fk'ed. What ultimately fills a man with agita, is that no one gives a crap, sans your mom or dad, or maybe if you are lucky a great friend, brother, sister, or relative. But the empathy factor is weak at best.

      There is just so little love - and I can somewhat understand it from those of us who are just filling our time trying to survive. But to watch those with, to endlessly gratifiy their baseless needs, to status whore - deep breath.

      As Karl writes, as I have gotten older I appreciate those religious amongst us, for what choice do they have? Love isn't coming from this Earth.

      Anyway it's good to know there are people like yourself who are kind and give a damn, even if you are not prostelyzing the usual optimistic tripe!

    3. Michael, I agree completely. Not gonna even add anything.

      I have tried to find my way in religions countless times as well. Because, yeah, they also of agree there´s something wrong with the world, even if they don´t specifically agree on everything else.

      Anyway, I do what I can, being supported with like minded people, such as yourself.

      TY for commending me on my english, you being a native speaker makes me more proud of it. And as portuguese, you can do it - practice makes perfect. If in need of anything about it, do send me an e-mail.


  3. I'm poor! Genetic disease and disfigurement stops me from having an official job. However I work so hard and so long hours to earn whatever I can. I take care of neighbors homes and pets whilst theyre away. If I'm lucky enough to get a job I can usually earn 5 dollars a day, 10 if lucky. My body physically isn't healthy enough to be working these jobs but I don't have a choice. And I'm living in the "land of opportunities", America, where I was raised to believe the lie that with hard work "anything is possible". You can be the hardest working person in the whole world and suffer the worst of fate or you can be the worst person in the world and have all things handed to you on a silver platter.

    1. Yep. So random. And people still believe it´s all alright and just.

      Thanks for your input.

  4. Awesome blog article, Shadow, a much needed break from the monotony of useless drivel that inundates the media and internet.

    What is even more exasperating than the wealth that celebrities and sports stars undeservedly accumulate, is the wealth that falls into the lap of lottery jackpot winners especially in the U.S. All these people had to do was walk into their local convenience store and purchase a few tickets worth less than an hour's salary, and BOOM, they become instant millionares.

    I always look forward to reading the intellectual wealth your blog constantly offers.

    1. Thank you, your recognition is my reward!

      Yeah, unless the man or woman do something good with the money, like the foundation idea of the previous post here, then it is all random and therefore hard to justify all the same.

      Thanks again

  5. Great post Shadow. The world is disgusting and should end forever.

  6. And yet they'll all continue breeding...

    Good post Shadow.


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