Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The million dollar idea.

Raise the black flag! - one of my drawings.
Now, here´s something that has been on my mind lately. Given this some thought, but I know it´s far from perfect. But here´s the idea that´s been bugging me.

If I, or somebody who reads me, now or in the future, ever becomes rich, say, by winning the lottery, and the world still exists and exists based on this scheme that is now dictated by money, then let´s do pessimists a favor and leave some of this money to a foundation. This foundation, I envision, would consist of helping pessimists to deal with the ordeals of just being alive in this mad world. It´s only purpose would be that. 

Let me explain more.


I hate being alive with a passionate fury. I hate all the schemes and things we have to do, pay for study, for this, pay for that, if you want to work, ops, do that and that first, pay taxes... it´s hell just to live in this crapsack of a world. Just being alive. And I figure, pretty much all pessimists have the same problem. The thing is, we´re not all lucky to live out of family money, or even receive government funding. And while we don´t kill ourselves (perhaps even to do that!) we need every help we can get, just to minimize the harms of this shitty existence. 

This foundation would have this purpose: to help us all. On what grounds, you may ask? On the grounds of being pessimistic. If you are not pessimistic, the foundation is not for you. If you have kids, it´s not for you. If you are misanthropic, a pessimistic and antinatalist, this foundation is there for you.  


Without being much technical about it, I´d say that the individual who intends to obtain some help by this foundation, would have to contribute to the pessimistic world with something. A book, a music, a collection of poems, writing, art, you name it - if the individual did something worthy of the Pessimism, then s/he is available for help from the foundation. For further appreciation, the individual would also have to display innate goodness - which comes a bit with the adoption of the AN view, but not always, as I have come to realize - and ethics with life. If the individual is always making a mess and generally being obnoxious amongst his pessimistic peers, then s/he shouldn´t receive help from the foundation. Decency is the keyword here. 


How much help would it be available, and what kind of help? Well, that depends on various things: of how much money can the foundation spare and also still keep functioning. That money should be divided equally by all who apply and are accepted by it. If by any chance, in any given time, the divided money is not capable of solidly helping an individual out, then it´s unfortunate, but the foundation can only try its best. The individual should also try his/her best to find new income to sustain himself if that happens. 

But the foundation should nevertheless try and help. Try and mitigate the suffering there is, for pessimists out there. So the pessimistic word can be spread out. No one wants to pay people to be "negative". But the foundation will, at least, try its best to do so. 

Eventually, people could also contribute to the foundation. And it would help it to be around for some more years longer to sustain the pessimists around.


Needless to say, any children that ever comes around to the pessimist, disqualifies him/her for receiving the help, not in the grounds of philosophy alone, but because now, s/he might have conditions to be helped by the offspring in any significant way. 

The common pessimist that will apply to the foundation will most likely die alone. In some poor lit room. Maybe even committing suicide. It´s a fate horrible enough already, so there´s the reason for the foundation, to mitigate this suffering while the individual is alive.

Also, of course, no one has to commit suicide - just thought that I should clarify this here and now - to be a member

Also, the purpose of the foundation is merely to help financially. And that´s it, no further agendas. No division, no wars. Just to stand out a hand for the brothers of the cause. 

That´s the idea that has been around my mind lately. I know it´s somewhat still a bit fresh, but the guidelines are here. 

Also this is very important - society at large, I mean, AT LARGE, not in a localized kind of way, does not appreciate goodness and ethics enough. As I said, and many pessimists before me noticed, no one pays you a dime to be a good person. If you can yell at others, invent schemes to rob people of their hard earned money, and generally be a son of a b...., you will succeed in life. If not, then you are not. I´m not saying that all that somehow succeeded are evil, and all that not succeeded are good, because there are clear exceptions to this rule. But, you know, do the math. Besides, if you are a pessimist, I´m pretty sure you already know that by now. 

So my idea is - this foundation should strive to be focused on ethics. On goodness. No, not politics, like churches et all, but ethics. You are a decent human being? You are in.

Life is not easy. For the pessimist, then, it´s hell. 

And what a dream, huh? Being recognized and helped because of ethics. What a difference, what a slap to nature´s way of doing things!

Anyway. Dream on, on the comments below. 

Cheers to all. 


  1. Obrigado por isso artigo!

    "I hate being alive with a passionate fury." laughed out loud at your directness.

    How much money are you thinking here, in keeping this foundation running perpetually? I think eventually the directors will succumb to in house bickering and politics, and those who scheme and defraud will find their way into this enclave.

    Never really thought of pessimists as an afflicted group, worthy of charity, but why not. Interesting and contrary thinking to be sure, but do believe it to a fantasy to run for generations, even if there were a large enough donation to get it going.

    1. Michael,

      Good portuguese!

      Uhm.. I don´t know exactly how much money. Some lottery games award a large amount, some of which can definitely be spared to this end, furthermore if the pessimist in question doesn´t have more family of his own.

      What you are saying is a sad truth, that´s why I insisted on ethics. I figure pessimists don´t have much to fight for, since people who have families tend to fight more about money for obvious reasons. The test to be a part of it should also be hard, on the basis of ethics, but your points are to be taken into consideration.

      I know it´s a bit hard to believe it will work, but if not feasible, let it be another dream, like that J. Lennon song.


    2. Michael, "for generations"? Just to make it clear, antinatalists aren't going to "generate" more lives in their bloodline. Yes, there will be antinatalists in the subsequent generations, but I guess they'll have to found their own charity groups. =)

      And indeed, I love that line, Shadow! Priceless!

    3. Srikant,

      He is referencing to what I said, about many people making the foundation work through the years. Many pessimists would continue to make it work.


  2. Awesome Shadow. I completely support the initiative. If I ever win the lottery, I am pitching in big time!

  3. Great idea, Shadow. If I ever acquire a large sum of money (highly unlikely), I'll do something like this.

    1. Yeah, I know money like this is hard to come by. Anyway, as long as we support each other like this - being around and all, it´s already good enough.

  4. eh, you made my day!
    Funny idea. In fact, it could even be possible. Religons all over the world are financially supported to ease fear of death, hence to support a group of afflicted people. It could be seen as something similar. We do not fear death: it is life that shatters us. Pessimists should be helped really. Many times I see sad and lonely people (lonely and sad becuase they are truly pessimistic and consequently depressed). They do really struggle every day, and nobody cares about them, apart from the obvious and idiotic efforts to "turn them into optimist".
    The true problem comes with human long would it last without corruption?
    A nice dream, however
    Doctor M.

    1. Hey Doc,

      Appreciate the comment. Long time since I had one from you.

      Yes, I´d argue that generally pessimists have a crappier life overall.

      Other than that, that´s also right, how long it would last until it got corrupted, right? I´m right on with you there.

      How long it would take for some bastard to come and take advantage of the foundation....

    2. Shadow,
      yes it has been a long time. Working hard those months.
      Still I keep an eye on the blog.
      Keep it coming.
      Doctor M.

  5. I am planning to write a very pessimistic and personal autobiography before I die. I'd like to wait until I feel that I am close (within a few years) of dying to begin writing and maybe it could be published posthumously. I've lived with severe deformities all my life (I look like an alien or burn victim, well, it's hard to describe without seeing) so I feel like I want to tell the world what my life has really been like and how much I regret being born. I hope to introduce people to antinatalism who may have never thought much about the topic before, and give some compelling reasons from my own life as to why I encourage antinatalism and pessimism. The ultimate goal would be to teach people not to bring new human (or animal) lives into this barbaric world.

    1. Deep respect. The goal is to leave behind this pages talking about this.

      Preach on, brother. Let´s let the world know about this - good people will come, will hear about, I´m sure.

      Let´s raise this black flag up high!


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