Monday, February 11, 2013

I see smug people... everywhere! - Rant.

Have you ever tire from people? 

I went to the beach with my girl and some of her friends the other day. One of them, another girl, couldn´t stop making movie and book references just to try and sound smart to the whole table of people there.

I know, some of you are already going like: "are you really complaining about that? Like really? It just seems such a small thing to complain about!" Yeah, I know, but hear me out on this one - I know it´s silly, but it just pisses me off when that happens you know? 

Ever notice those people? That girl who always tries to sound smarter than everyone else, just for the fuck of it? That one girl who goes around like: "I read Les Miserable the other day. Oh, my god! I loved it, you know, Victor Hugo talked about the human condition in such a beautiful way, because he realized that the ugliest people are often the most moral and blah blah blah blaaarrghhhh...." And she´s speaking all those long words, just to sound like she is talking deep shit, but in fact she just comes off as annoying and pretentious? You know? Smugness at its core! And I have no problem with talking about stuff with your friends and all, but in that gathering there where people who were not that close to her (like me), and talking like that you are just being a pretentious cunt. She talks in english in the table, even though we speak portuguese here, but because she knows english, you know damn well she´s going to say every two phrases out of five in the english language, even though there´s no actual reason to do it, but because she wants to be applauded by her skills, since she can´t have enough of feeling oh so special about them, she does it. She wants to show to the world how cool she is, how incredible she is. 

She´s another one of those human beings that think they are so special, so incredible to the world, just for being that smug piece of nothing. 

I had it with those people which are pretty much everyone. Everybody thinks they are so great because they read some sort of book or listened to some author. Like the world really cares about you because you read some Victor Hugo, or George Orwell, or Karl Marx, or something. It´s incredible.

I don´t want this to sound like I´m being a jerk. I´m just ranting here. And I know that you can read things, and those things can help you with understanding life better, and that´s fine, but don´t be a smug son of a bitch because of that! You read, you talk about it with friends, or in a way that is not bitchy and self-centered and self-indulgent - and there you go. When I need to respond or talk to someone else in english I do so, but I´m not going around talking in that idiom - or any other - in front of everyone else just because I can, just to display how awesome it is that I can speak another language. And you know why, because I´m not a self centered smug jerk, that´s why. 

I run into different types of people every day that tire me out, but I just wanted to share this one experience here. 


  1. Well said Shadow, well said. Everyone pretends they are someone as Ligotti likes to say when in fact we're self-conscious nothings on a disintegrating carcass of bones. Need I say more?

  2. Enjoyed the rant, Shadow. And Dima's reply.

    I have to confess my misanthropy is deepening as I get older. People by and large are self-deluded egomaniacs who seem to think they're immortal and that the world exists for their benefit. Although an antinatalist because I don't see the point of subjecting potential people to meaningless suffering, my compassion generally for the living is diminishing. Most people are too busy chasing their synthetic cheese to merit much sympathy.

    The sooner the world ends the better!

    1. Very well said Karl. That's my sentiment as well. I an an antinatalist because I value the suffering the unborn will inevitably be subjected to once here. However, the living are to blame for any of the harm they will subject the unborn to and since they're so careless and couldn't care less, why should I care about THEIR suffering? My misanthropy is really extreme and the only people I respect are people like you guys who are doing their best when everything in the world is turned against them and the destruction is inevitable and painful.

      We just do what we can...

  3. Great post & comments. Human vanity/narcissism is one of my pet peeves - I don't understand how it's possible to look at the world honestly and actually believe you are worth something. Like Karl said, I find my sympathy for (most of) the human race is diminishing with age.

    Regarding Victor Hugo and co., I think this quote is germane:
    "'Classic': A book which people praise and don't read." -- Mark Twain

    1. "I don't understand how it's possible to look at the world honestly and actually believe you are worth something." -- So beautifully put, EM Mouse! It completely brings out the poignancy of it.

  4. We can help it feeling misanthropic. You guys got the message, that´s it - people are just too pretentious and self-indulgent. Human vanity.

    That last quote from Mark Twain also hits the spot.

    Saluatations to all of you, my good friends

  5. I heartily concur with post and comments. Just watching 100,000 people in a stadium howling like banshees in support of their favorite "American football" team can arouse a feeling close to hatred in me.

    1. I absolutely feel the same way. I can't even stand the sight of all that nonsense. Do we honestly have nothing better to do with our time and energy than carrying on about sports? This world is brutal, evil, perverse and barbaric, those (few) of us who are wise will devote our whole lives trying to fighting it.


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