Sunday, June 14, 2015


We live in hell.

This world, right here, is hell.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Friday, June 12, 2015

This time Mistro, with pessimist Rap/Hip Hop

Yeah, you heard right. After the drawings of Willard Herman, I´ve another pessimist artist (this is my identification for them, not something I discussed before hand) to present here.

His artistic moniker is Mistro, a norwegian rap/hip hop singer, with philosophical-pessimistic bent lyrics. If you think this is an unusual combination, you are not alone (I also thought it was a pretty original idea). His songs are catchy and present a no-bullshit approach to pessimism, euthanasia, and antinatalism with the aid of melody. 

Without further ado, I´m going to present two of my favorite videos from him, that have their lyrics in english so anyone can join in on the singing at home. 

One more thing: let´s try and support the arts and efforts of the pessimists (that are even AN´s!). Not talking about myself (as an author), but people like Mistro, Willard, and many others. We should be also a community in that way, I guess. Buddhists help each other, christians help each other. Not gonna even name other communities. But that´s why they thrived. Let´s help each other whenever we can. Support means anything we can do. Even share and link is good support.

Cheers to all!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

The work of Willard Herman.

Willard Herman is an artist out of the U.S who has one of the most intriguing drawing styles out there.

His art touches upon the surreal, and the abstract, also on the absurdist and pessimist aesthetics and their philosophies.

These are some examples of his stories and drawings. Very reflexive and inquisitive, his art takes us to a questioning of the world and our relations to its broken and bent structures. Much recommended. 

If you liked it, you should check more out of Mr. Willard Herman and his art at: Stone In Your Shoe Comics
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