Thursday, January 22, 2015

From my series - I hate robots (and am averse to this high-tech world...)

There´s a guy named Elon Musk, who is famous in the 'high-tech' scene. Here is his wikipedia so you can know a bit more about him. Funny thing, though, he said that he is afraid of killer robots.

Though "killer robots" is not exactly my first concern, to me it seems pretty clear that humanity is already losing the war against computers, smartphones, etc. We are already being dominated, even if not the in the form of "killer robots" with guns for arms. 

Really, so be it that humanity will one day vanish, that is a given. But to imagine mankind will engender its own fate, through sheer stupidity, arrogance or whatever, is the real punch of the joke here. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The richest 1% are richer than everybody else.

Yep, in a rich are indeed getting richer. Yep. News all around the world reported the fact that the 1% top richest people in the world have more dough than the rest of the world combined.
striking most unsurprising news ever, people apparently found out that, shockingly, the

Perhaps not very much a surprise, because it is freaking easier to have more when you already have some, through interest and whatnot, but still raises that old age question,


Some differences of status are always going to exist, but the sheer amount of it now should require a lot of reflections from people.

I´m not saying that people should immediately rally, but reflect. Also, it´s easy to see that the world is boiling all around. People are getting fed up with a lot of things. Riots we have by the thousands nowadays. How much more "cyberpunk-y" is this world going to get?

Pope says that Christians should not reproduce like rabbits

This is old news already, since it went out mostly yesterday, but it still warrants some commentary. 

I´m of the opinion that any type of political or economical measures and statements that don´t take into account 'reproduction' and birth control, are going to inevitably fail. People need to address this issue, without feeling that having kids is a sacrossant  right.

This is only to say that an institution that basically didn´t worry about anything of the sort, and actually promoted birth, is now telling to everyone to "freaking stop it".

Understandable to me (to us), but huge step to many people.

On another news...
(Click to read my take on the 1% being richer than everybody else) 
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