Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Overwhelming days...

Hello everyone. I haven´t been posting these days because frankly I am kind of overwhelmed with everything that has been going on, regarding the world around me and my personal existence. 

Brazil is a freaking mess. Foreigners that came to visit it during the World Cup event generally liked it, you know, besides those that were arrested here and there for minor offenses, and obviously also those that suffered some minor injuries and other things. But no major thing happened to nobody that came here visiting - other than what is normally expected when huge gatherings of human beings powered with alcohol can achieve on their own.

But we are having some protests (I never know the correct word for this... rallies? riots? Anyway) here and though I´m not a part of it, I know that those have been happening over the country. There has been all sorts of police brutality registered, and this last weekend, one of the heads of the whole thing (a girl) was arrested, without much proof and due process, and is already serving jail time. 

Though she probably will be released soon, this proves how much the State can do damage when it wants to, without much regard for anything. Oh well. The protests are only attacking private property (and also public property, on a small level) and though I know that there should be some kind of restraint on those types of attacks, how the hell is one supposed to protest anyway? Hold up a sign? Like the Government and the powers that be even care about that sort of thing. When was the last time holding a sign did anything? I wonder.

Wars breaking out in the world, with the latest bombings of the Gaza strip and near regions. People killing others living in their own buildings, people being robbed, a freaking bypass has fallen in Brazil killing 2 people, corruption, and generally whenever I turn the TV on the news it´s just a freaking mess all over. There have been 50 registered cases of public lynching since the beginning of the year, having come as far as people attacking a history teacher that was just jogging. Don´t even get me started on the World Cup games. There was a guy that bit the other in game. And nothing freaking happened to the guy, he is being hired to one major soccer team in Europe. One of Brazil´s player suffered an injury that left his almost paralyzed, if the injury had been some centimeters closer to his spine. I mean, I´m not a defender of the millions these people receive to play, but the thing is, they are playing soccer, not participating in a freaking UFC tournament. The fact that nothing happens, and people just harm others like that, all the while the millions who are watching do nothing makes me feel like I´m living in freaking Bizarro World. 


Other than that, there is the normal shit everywhere, like the shortage of jobs, pressure to survive in this post-capitalistic hell, etc. Some days, more than others, you just kind sit there, wondering. What the hell.

Sorry about the long time with no posts. I´ve read all the latest comments, but if there´s something you´d like me to address, tell me about it.

Cheers to you all and until next time - I hope to post again shortly.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Conspicuous conspiracies

This photoplasty competition tells us about some generally unknown or less known things about the world at large, that in fact shape it and determine it (this article is also good).

For example, did you know that there are 6 people who decide which kind of video games go on to shelves the world over? I can give a rat´s ass about video games, really. But isn´t it funny that the this whole industry depends on the agreement of 6 people?

And even this is not true - doesn´t even matter, because we know that there are people who control things in the world, right? People who don´t even appear famously on our TV sets. People who are not even the politicians we attack on our rants. We all know there is one (or more groups), even if we don´t know who they are exactly, that control things. 

And this for me is one of the major factors why I wouldn´t bring a child to this world. It´s not that it is evil per se - which, in my point of view, it totally seem to be - but because there are a lot of people who are evil, shady, and are pushing all the strings from behind the curtains. And I don´t know any of them. 

I don´t know who they are, and I don´t know their agendas. So obviously I can´t agree with the world they are trying to create, even a priori. Obviously.  

I´m not big on conspiracy theories (big meaning one of those guys that we all know with a new story of the Illuminati every week), but anyone with a pair of eyes and an inquiring mind can see that there are people behind the curtains, even if can´t see well enough to determine who they are. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Brief news] World cup stupidity

This is a scene in which a person, a brazillian, had his bag stolen, with the purpose of the burglar to be of watching the game with his ticket. Several reports were made today about it. 

Take a good look at picture. Now tell me, is this the stupid world in which we live in is about? Do you even justify this kind of violence depicted above in regards to seeing a stupid football/soccer game? The victim is ok, physically, nothing that bad happen, but look at the absurdity. People are stealing and doing stupid shit like this to watch a damn football game. 

Is this humanity? 

I believe that the world has already ended. We are living in the shambles of a ruined society, unfortunately. It doesn´t get any better than this, and I believe it only can get worse. The world as we knew it has already ended... but we just haven´t realized it yet.