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Update in the last post - The case of Bernardo U. Boldrini

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The case of Bernardo U. Boldrini

Here in my country, as I gather, from anywhere else in this miserable globe, there happens a thousand tragedies a minute. Even more, on some days. 

We have wars going on, we have some amount of torture going on (even psychological, ordinary torture in our everyday lives), we have lots of stupid and horrible things going on all the time. 

Now, why I´m picking this case, to talk about, amongst many others that deserve attention as well? First of all because I´m only one person and I have limited time, for as much as I wanted to talk about each gruesome case that happens so that we could push even further the notion that reality is f*cked up, I don´t have all the time I want. Other than that, this particular case is very interesting - again, not that other cases didn´t have as gruesome details and everything. 

For starters, we see in movies like The Prisoners, which I have mentioned in my other blog, that who is doing the malicious thing to a little kid is someone other than the family itself. In these movies, the families are trying to get their little boys or girls from some monster, who lives outside their "realm", their household, and which is trying to harm the boy and/or girl. This is a formula that goes on in TV shows a lot (True Detective also rings a bell here). 

But you see, we have those in real life as well, but we also have cases that are particularly more... strange, dare I say it, than those cases. 

So let´s delve into this particular case.

In memoriam
We have this little boy, the victim, called Bernardo. And we also have his father, and a stepmother living together. These are the main people in this sad story. The boy was, according to himself, being mistreated, and there is evidence he even sought out the Justice system in order to ask for help.

We also have evidence in the form of a teacher that said that, once, when asked to draw something for the class, he draw a key and a baby. You see, he told the teacher when asked, his father locked him out of the house sometimes, and told him to jump over the outside wall of the house if he wanted to get in. So he wanted a key. And the baby, you ask? His stepmother had a little baby girl that he liked to play with. Yeah. 

Ok. Let´s take a breath here. Are you following this despicable chain of events? Try and picture this boy in your mind. If all that is being told is true, and it appears to be so, try to understand the pain he went through. The shame, the neglect, the sensation of being utterly alone in the world, since one´s young years. And I know we all feel alone, but if you had "normal" parents, at least some of that sensation was masqueraded through a lot of psychological hoops. But not this kid, amongst others in the world, who had to face the void at such an young age. He just wanted to not feel alone, and this also shows in his willingness to play with his little sister. 

Some say that he had to sleep on a lot of different friend´s houses, during the weekends, because he wasn´t allowed to get inside his residence. 

And after all this, do you think his father came to his senses, and stopped doing such brutal thing to his own kid? 

Not likely, for this is real life. And in real life things only get worse, 99,99999% of the time. 

The solution they found - his father, his stepmother (and some friend of hers as well) - was to get rid of the boy. 

Yeah, besides all that suffering he went through, they went on and just killed the child.

At least, and when I say this I don´t want it to be taken wrongly, at least he didn´t suffer much in this final blow. He wasn´t beaten to death or anything of this sort. You see, his father was a doctor (and I mean was because I´m sure now he´s going to lose his license to practice medicine, so I´m already using the past here, forgive me for this quick judgement of all this - it is still a young case and the perpetrators weren´t convicted yet), and he gave him a lethal injection. Then they (or someone alone, it´s not clear who did yet, of the three people involved) buried the boy, some miles away from their homes, in another metropolitan area, in the south of Brazil.

This case shocks because we have a kid that´s like an angel on Earth. What can a kid do to deserve this kind of treatment? Plus we have several instances of abuse, and finally, the father, someone who is "enlightened" by the standards of society, killed himself his own child, after submitting him to all this wrongful life, to use the words of Benatar. Other than that, we have family bringing doom upon itself, not some outside body, not the government, nor a crazy lunatic from outside the household. They themselves did it. The father. And the stepmother. There were other cases like this, and this won´t certainly be the last, which is a shame. But then, my dear readers, I ask of you... what about the motivation, what´s the 'reasoning', the motive to do something like that...? What could possibly be?

I think evil itself is the only answer to it. 

What kind of existence.... is that? 

Can someone please tell me, what the f*ck is going on in this world?

Here are some links to this horrible news, in portuguese:

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[PIC] Defiance.

Image seen here.

Be special, people.

Like E.M Cioran said:

"To defy heredity is to defy billions of years, to defy the first cell".

I expect nothing else from my dear friends here. Defy the motherf*ckin first cell.


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[PIC] How much do you agree on this?

From the series "things both pessimists and optimists can agree on".

Taken from this.