Thursday, September 22, 2016

New projects/updates.

Hey guys.
Just an update.
I am recently following with some stuff on my channel, in Portuguese. It mainly deals with more stuff about relationships, thoughts and ideas on suicide and about life, somewhat Mgtow-related, etc.

There´s another channel that I created in which I keep music related videos. My sad attempts at trying to do some music covers. It´s not flashy or top notch but it has a lot of effort, and heart. It is mainly being used to sing romantic songs, but I (try to) sing other styles too. 

Anyway. While I decide to continue living or not. Those are my latest projects online.

Hope things are alright with you, dear fellow readers.
Take care.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


These are the people that, throughout these years have made it all possible, and more than that, enjoyable. The people who made me a tad happy that I was a sad mofo. 

Special shot out goes to Karl, Josep and Srikant, the first people who commented here, and regularly followed it, since its inception. 

I may have forgotten somebody (I think I actually have) and if so, please let me know.

Without further ado, these are them (you):

bored stupid
David Rickerby
Doctor M
E.M. Mouse
Leaving Society
Michael Hoffman
Mr. Mean-Spirited
Plague Doctor
Willard Herman

I felt truly connected with them, but I also of note and worth a shot out are:

Alpha Omega
Ann Sterzinger
Dima Sokol
Lady Datu

Sister Y
The End Of Money As We Know It

And from the section 'Praise for the blog':

A. Blake
D. Spurlock
G. Temple 
Still Learning

And several, several Anonymous from every post and comment, who told me their life stories, shared and commented and helped making this a huge fountain of information and knowledge. 

These people, you, made me feel alive, and part of something, like never before. Some of them (you!), disappeared, and after two or three months of the blog I never heard again. Some took their time, and reappeared a year or two, or three down the road to let me (us) know they were still alive and kicking. Fine people. Fine friends. Like I´ve never had before in my life. Not for this long a time anyway.

Your every word was my fuel, that kept me going when things were hard. 

I´d do it all over again. And it´s been a wild ride.

Most of them probably felt that their work here was done.  

As do I today. 

I will not die, not now anyways, but I feel like my work here is done. For a while this blog will remain untouched. I wish I could have done so much more, though. But there you go. Regret. A part of life, as always, it seems. I wish I could have helped more, as well. Failed that part, and I´m sorry.

Cheers to all of you. Many cheers.

Have a beer to celebrate. Or tea, or water. And don´t forget that we were all a part of something, if only for a while. And what something it was!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Time to say goodbye... this time for reals.


I wanted to talk to you about this blog, and a major change I´m about to make in it.

First things first.

The blog will come to finish.

I won´t delete it, or take it off, for now at least.

But I feel that many of the things I write here are not 'antinatalism' anymore. They are just my own stories. Just my own personal failings, and dealings with existence.

They are not talking about 'antinatalism' per se. They are just not well suited for a blog that has antinatalism in its name.

I figure it´s time to go somewhere. Do something else.

So I will create another blog. Another name. And keep posting about the mess that is my life there.

I greatly appreciated all the help from the people here since the beginning. All the help. And to meet the best people. People that I consider my friends now.

Funny thing, to be a friend of someone you´ve never met. But I think that 'spiritual' friendships, to use the term spiritual very loosely here, are the best ones. Camaraderie at its best.

I consider my time here, almost 6 years, to be amongst one of the best times of my life, very much paradoxically, considering the theme of the blog.

I never knew this blog would give me the opportunity to meet so many great people.

We laugh and cried together. Like brothers in arms.

For this I am very grateful.

But now it´s time to end this blog.

If I have another thing to talk about, specifically regarding antinatalism, I´ll post it here.

Other than that. this blog will not be updated regularly (or not) anymore.

But before I go, I want to make another plea. I am moving out of home, and if anyone feels they want to help me a little bit, you can contact me to get the details on how. This time, it´s not a donation, but a specific help for a specific purpose. But anyways...


Thank you to all my friends and supporters through these years, and if you still want to hear (or read) more from me, you can check this blog in a few days (week?) and I´ll post the new blog´s address.

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