Friday, May 22, 2015

What monks and monasticism tell us.

Monks are inherently interesting people. No matter if you are someone who has an interest in religions, or the most staunch atheist, the very fact that people just leave their lives in the System and up and go someplace else (or even a forest near their homes) is a very interesting message. 

Now, before I go on, the usual disclaimers are due. I´m gonna make an approximation of truth, and a generalization. Of course, not all monks are the same, not all monks are created equal, not all religions are equal, nor people, for that matter. Some people are forced to ordain, to take the robes, because of societal, or economical, or cultural influences. I´m not talking about these cases, where people are there because of something else, and don´t care about being monks. I´m talking about people who went up, and took this path because they found something in it that moved them. Also, I´m trying not to focus on any religion in particular. 

That being said, I want to explore the messages these people are sending, through their lifestyles, to society in general, all of them, past and present. 

The first thing I want to highlight is that monks, in general, don´t care about reproduction, even yet, sex at all. And when they practice sex, in a rebellious kind of way, is not focused on reproduction.

Just this one thing would already get monks an "awesome" card, by our standards. Can you imagine? Society said: "hey, reproduce", and they just replied - "Nope" and went their own way. 

Like this, but a person.
They live their own lives. It may not have the "X-box-cum-Doritos" "joy" (yep, in quotation) that many people pretend that is the apex of human experience, but it´s an awesome life. Emphasis on "their own lives", as in they are not out there slaving away on some office working for some turd of a person. No. Faeck that. 

On general, monks´ lives are pretty chill. As in, they are not generally trying to invade other lands, for instance, going after oil. Or they are not manufacturing weapons in large scale. Or they are not occupied trying to craft and market a new young singer celebrity career, whatever of these brings worst consequences to society.

Their lives revolve none around this mess that we call society, even worse, our so-called, and source of pride to some pollyannas, "modern society". 

Monks, be from any religion, or denomination, if they are pure monks, just want to be out. They are minimalists, and thus against consumerism, which is another facet of this society. They don´t want a new tech-gizmo every 3 months, or 6 months. 

I´m not saying anything new here, but I´m looking at the message: it seems to be in general, "I don´t give a fuck". 

Just like Jon Lajoie in this vid.

They don´t care about this blind pursuit that happens at large in (mostly western) society. Go to school, learn, most of the times about facts and things you won´t ever use and that are not important even for a very regular and common life, go to another school, study, pass the tests, get a job, work your ass off for someone, then get money and spending buying shit you don´t need. Get sick eating the food they want you to eat, and them die, preferably paying some bills to the hospital-medical industry in the process. 

Almost all societies' objectives, most of all nowadays, are ludicrous. Monks want to stay away from it, whenever possible. 

They don´t care about this. About this learning of stupid ephemeral things, about trying to get up to date with the last TV celebrities, the stupid wars, politics and the maintaning of it all through the ultimate spiteful act of reproduction, the stamp on the contract telling it´s all ok. 

To sum up, monks in general looked at society and just told it to go to hell. 

Artistical rendering.
Of course, this is not ALL monks, nor it means you (the reader) should become one right now. But it is very clear the message that monks, and hermits in general are sending, even if people that like them, even pollyannas, can´t quite see it.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What in the hells...

Take a look at this nonsense.

 Do I even need to comment? 

It´s like he went on those sites that automatically generates platitudes and just copied and pasted everything he got.

The amount of delusion is staggering. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cliodynamics and impending world crisis: we are close.

In my obsession to the role of sciences in our understanding of the world, I came across a discipline called Cliodynamics, which is basically, the what if scenario of Mathematics and History having a child, if I gather it correctly. 

Basically, it is using mathematical models to try and find patterns in the study of History. Its name comes from the words Clio-, which is greek for History, and dynamics, of movement (or its power) and its study. Curiously, the naming was attributed to having been a homage to a story by Isaac Asimov, in which one of the main events was that a scientist discovered something he called "psychohistory", that has the power to do exactly that, discover patterns in events of history and that "[...] combines history, sociology, and mathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future behavior of very large groups of people [...]". (Incidentally, the name psychohistory is strange as hell to refer to this, but what the hell) In the story, it is used with the purpose of creating the best outcome to the Galatic Empire (science fiction, of course). 

Curiously enough, in the story, events happen that make the predictions invalid, and I´ll not go through more details here, so if you want to know more about it, you can go to this link on Wikipedia about the 'Foundation' series. But for the most part, apparently, it works, and what´s the more important and a plot to the story, it foresees the falling of said Galatic Empire (that´s it, I´m not spoiling it anymore).

We have our 'psycohistory' in the actual world, and it´s called cliodynamics, and for the most part, works more or less like the fictional counterpart. Oh, but lo and behold, it has also defined a period of great instability for our current and actual world. The irony! (Or maybe not?)

The thing is, scientists studying the models found that by 2020, some major events will happen that will set in motion a crisis, going from orange level threats to even the fall of civilization as we know it. 

See here

"What Turchin and his colleagues have found is a pattern of social instability. It applies to all agrarian states for which records are available, including Ancient Rome, Dynastic China, Medieval England, France, Russia, and, yes, the United States. Basically, the data shows 100 year waves of instability, and superimposed on each wave — which Turchin calls the “Secular Cycle” — there’s typically an additional 50-year cycle of widespread political violence. The 50-year cycles aren’t universal — they don’t appear in China, for instance. But they do appear in the United States.
The 100-year Secular Cycles, Turchin believes, are caused by longer-term demographic trends. They occur when a population grows beyond its capacity to be productive, resulting in falling wages, a disproportionately large number of young people in the population, and increased state spending deficits. But there’s a more important factor, one that better predicts instability than population growth. Turchin calls it “elite overproduction.” This refers to a growing class of elites who are competing for a limited number of elite positions, such as political appointments. These conflicts, Turchin says, can destabilize the state."

Yep. Pretty much what they did is study several years of other societies and found the same exact spots, in a graph, which are created through instabilities. For example, in the U.S., they found this: 

The graph states that approximately in 2020, there will be a notable event. Will it? For real?

Look, I´m not saying you should believe me, or the graphs, or scientists, or whoever. Just look around. We have terrorism rising. Inflation. Prices going up, money that people receive - going down. Robots doing the work of people for the benefit of an elite. Riots. Riots. Riots. Planes disappearing from thin air. Diseases. Natural resources dwindling. Everyone from middle class and down getting less and less. 

Is it any wonder that one of these days, it will get ugly? Be it 5, 10, 15, or 100 years from now? 

I don´t doubt it. I don´t doubt it at all.

So, do you believe 2020 holds surprises for the world? Or not? Post your comment! 

See you next time.

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