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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We were (f#cking) lied to - Part 2: Doing stuff.

By 'doing stuff' here I mean 'to work'.

This is going to be a follow-up on my first post, so don´t feel imposed to comment on it, if you already did on the first. However, you are always welcome to comment if you want. 

The delay is because I´m feeling very low on energy these days... so. In August I´ve only written one post! But without further ado... 


Man, how crazy it is to work. And by work here I mean what most people understand by work: what is mostly 'work', as society recognizes it.

When I was young, I thought that working would be hard, but not as hard as I have already noticed it to be in my experience. When very young, many of us probably thought that people who didn´t have enough for their survival sure must have been doing something wrong. Of course, this is nowhere near truth, even more so in this day and age. 

Not only that, working per se is not the only thing bad. There are several things wrong with working besides working. There are labor laws that get disrespected, there are bosses that yell at you for no freaking reasons other that they think are entitled to, there is the company using you besides the responsibilities that you should have (using your car, to work related commitments), sometimes we have obnoxious co-workers, sexual harassment (mostly for women), you can get robbed (not paied) thousands upon thousands of minor (and not so minor) things. I used to think that I wasn´t ever going to get yelled at if I never started the yelling first. Some experiences have showed me that this is not the case. 

What I want to say is that work is never just work, most of the time. Working is one of those sentences brought forth by nature that human beings capitalize on, and turn it even worse than it is or should have been. 
Work is necessary for life, unless the robots and machines start doing everything for us. But even so I´m sure nobody is going to have a lot of free time and free stuff when that happens, because machines sure do a lot of things nowadays but we still see a lot of people struggling to do... a lot of stuff. Clearly is not the goal of the Powers That Be that machines work to help create this magnificent utopia wherein we all have food, and property and comfort, and our work related hours are on the low, almost non-existing end. You can be sure that, if that day comes, there´ll still be a lot of people with very few power, because if there´s something the human genre can excel at is at being incredibly petty and unjust. Work may be necessary to life, but working 8+ hours nowadays, (plus commute) under pressure of various kinds, it´s pretty much my definition of the word 'bullshit'. 

But the point is that, to exist, we need to work. Even if we want to live alone, in a cabin in the woods. We need to provide for ourselves, to clean after ourselves... clearly life revolves around work. And that´s fine, I guess. Problem is, work, in this westernized model economy of the world, is pretty much a nightmare. 

For various reasons. There´s a reason why Thomas Ligotti wrote a whole book on work related horror. I bring some evidence, links from here and there. And there. And over there. I could go on, but you catch the drift (oh! let´s not forget about my old post about the anti-suicide nets on China!) Obviously this is not a personal thing, a group or local thing: people hate their jobs, there´s no way around it.

And why? Well, if you follow this blog long enough, you can be sure of the answer: people. 

Sure, working is always taxing on the body, and on the mind, but our work environments could be 1000 times better if people were, you know... interested in actually making them so. As I said, you can actually get robbed (i.e. not paid) in account of your work. I know I was.

And "doing stuff" is having diminishing returns as time goes by. Working hard nowadays doesn´t guarantee anything anymore, for blue collar and white collar working classes alike. 

Anyway. This is not a bashing of the act of work per se, but about how work became this monstrous, most of the times irrational activity in this world that lied to us about it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We were (f#cking) lied to - Part 1: The System

Drink the Kool-aid, right?
My generation has been lied to. 

Look, this rant won´t be about anything humanitarian - there´ll be no sequence here about the wars breaking out, or all the destruction we are doing to the environment, or anything of the like. I will bring this from very close to me, from a personal suffering of mine. This will be as selfish as rants can be. 

And the bottom line is: I feel like I have been lied to. 

I can be considered for some a loser. Last week I was watching something on TV, casually, and I saw some lady throw out the phrase: "at least you are not some 30 year old living at home". The home, in this case, is referring to someone´s parents´ home. The character was from an older generation than mine, a generation that I believe helped throw a lot of others in the same situation I now am in, but I´ll get to this later.

For I am a 30 year old. And I live in my parents´house. 

In the scenario of the TV show, to that mother (yeah, it had to be a mother - not that fathers can´t say the same shit, but you know it had to be a mother, right?), I am a loser. 

Of course, I´m talking about a specific paradigm here. I´m not talking that I´m a loser per se, or that I´ve been lied to outside of a socioeconomical standpoint, but there´s a reason why I´m saying that. And that is because of...


We´ve all grown up inside a system. To most of the people reading me right now, the system must be a lot like what is considered a "western" system. A "capitalistic" system, if you will. We learn that there is this thing called ''money'', and that there are "jobs", and that you need money to (freakin') survive and to get the money you need you have to 'do stuff'.

Doing stuff, for the most of the time means work, and by work I mean giving your fuckin' blood away. But I´m getting ahead here. Let me back for a minute. 

Ok, so we have the system. The system tells you basically that you have to work. Oh! But you can´t just work, nowadays, it´s freaking illegal even. Not that, we, as kids wanted to go out and work all day, right? Not at all, even today I feel that work is absurd, when you think about it existentially. No, we didn´t want to work back then as kids, but we couldn´t, even, as per the system. See how the system is pervasive?  

To work we needed to A) get older and B) have some sort of skill. If you were born from middle class and higher, you had some choices (within the system, pay attention!), you could even go as much as learning something in some higher institution of learning (that´s what they call the biggest schools in the planet) or even beyond. Imagine that, they said. You could have all your wants and needs out of life, if you just, you know, prepare yourself for working when the time comes.

So we prepare ourselves. And we go through shit. And then, one day, we are ready to get inside that higher learning institution. And then you are good to go, right? 

No, you are not. 

You go through a lot more shit, and right when you are thinking this must be a freaking joke, you get out of said institution. Now what? Now can I move in to my big house, with the car on the garage? Oh, and fetch that awesome gorgeous wife too, throw that along with the painting while you are it, would you? 

Yeah. Right? So then you begin to work your ass off so you can try and get that ellusive house and car that you want. So now it´s up to the "doing stuff" part. 

Continued here.